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What To Wear To Attend A Wedding In Italy

Attending a wedding in Italy usually happens once in a lifetime. I am sure every one of you would like to show up in style, perfect and appropriate for such event. Every Country has its own traditions and, of course, Italy has its, too!

Beautiful dress for a wedding in Italy

1.Consider the wedding venue and time before choosing your dress:

if the wedding will take place in the morning in a country house in Tuscany, I would suggest wearing a pastel cocktail dress...

Something fresh and flawless would be perfect.

If the wedding will take place in late evening in a villa or in a castle, a long dress is a must and it can be light or dark.

Perfect Guests Attending A Wedding In Italy

2.Never wear total black or total white:

They are inappropriate to wear when attending a wedding in Italy.

Black gowns are usually worn only for funerals or other formal occasions,but not for weddings. They are happy moments!

I am sure you do not want to be confused with the bride wearing a white dress.

She is the star of the day and she would not be very happy to see someone else wearing a white gown.

Elegant Guest Attending A Wedding In Italy

3.Bring a shawl to cover your shoulders if the ceremony will take place in a religious site:

some priests will not allow you to go in to a church if your shoulders are not covered.

Let's avoid this inconvenience and remember to put a shawl in your luggage.

Simple tips, but they will save you a lot of embarrassment when you are attending a wedding in beautiful Italy.

That's all for now!


Silvia La Perla

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