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5 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Accessories

Once you have chosen your wedding gown, it's time to have some fun and add your personal touch with some accessories. You have plenty of choices, from earrings and necklace, to belt, hat, tiara, veil and shoes.

1. Put your head and hair first:

There are several ways to embellish and personalize your wedding dress and hairstyle, even though you are not a veil lover.

Why not choose a fabulous hat, a tiara or a flower crown instead?

In order to have a complete vision of your outfit, at your first wedding dress fitting try a hat or a tiara on, together with your wedding gown and with the hairstyle you are considering for your special day.

Silvia La Perla | Bride With Hat | Our Italian Fairytale

2.Highlight your décolletage

A beautiful neckline dress would be perfect with a precious choker. Remember, your neck shape is really important.

If your neck is short, prefer a pair of fabulous earrings and, eventually, a light pendant.

On the other hand, if your neck is long you can go with your favorite choker. The necklace you will wear might be your “something borrowed” or your “something blue” if you choose topaz, sapphire or lapis lazuli.

Beautiful Bride Getting Married In Italy | Our Italian Fairytale

3. Embellish your smile

Beautiful and shiny earrings are always a great choice to light your smile up!!! They go with every wedding dress model.

Prefer pendants with a neckline or a sweetheart dress.

With a turtleneck wedding dress think of a stunning pair of stud earrings or a tear drop.

Avoid wearing pendants together with an precious necklace, it would be too much.

As for necklace, also your earrings can be your “something borrowed” or “something blue”.

If you really like a pair of your mom or sister's earrings, think of asking them if they would be happy to see you wearing them on your Big Day. I am sure the are already crying with joy.

Silvia La Perla | Bride Wearing Earrings | Our Italian Fairytalee

4. Highlight your shapes

A beautiful belt might be the perfect choice if you want to highlight your waist. Depending on the shape of your wedding gown, it might also highlight your breast and/or your hips. Moreover, a belt or a satin sash are a good accessory to add some color to your wedding dress. Choose a pale color such as mint, blush, lavender or dust for a flawless and elegant result.

Beautiful Wedding Dress

5. Get classy and warm

A lace cape or a chiffon wrap are always a good idea, not only for fall and winter weddings, but also for Catholic ceremonies and outdoor summertime weddings. When the night gets humid and colder, they will keep you warm and dry. For the coldest time of the year think of a fur hood cape to cover your head in case of snow or of a silk and cashmere elegant cape.

You will never go wrong with them.

Silvia La Perla | Fur Jacket | Our Italian Fairytale

And... don't forget:

Women love shoes!

The funniest part after choosing your wedding dress, comes when you choose your shoes.


~Silvia La Perla

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