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Wedding Dress Bon Ton For A Catholic Ceremony

Have you ever visited a Church in Italy?

Did they ask you to cover your shoulders?

This is not just a rule of the majors churches in Tuscany, Rome or Venice, this is a Catholic rule, applicable in every single Church.

Wedding Dress

This rule is even more important for a Catholic wedding celebration... Bride, bridesmaids and guests are required to follow this rule to be respectful in the House of God. What we wear reflects the way we show our respect and reverence for God.

When choosing your wedding dress, tell your shop assistant you will get married in Italy with a Catholic ceremony. She will help you find the best solution and she will give you several fabulous ideas.

No worries, even if the wedding dress you love has bare shoulders, you have many options to cover them and make your gown even more spectacular.

Wedding Gown | Our Italian Fairytale | Silvia La Perla | Best Destination Wedding Planner for Italy

Don't see this rule as a restriction, but as a way to add personality and one more accessory to you fabulous wedding gown.

Don't waste your time now, go dress shopping and have fun :-)


Silvia La Perla

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