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Best 2018 Ultra Violet Wedding Inspirations

Let's start this 2018 with a lot of energy and positive thinking... Thanks to Pantone, that decided to proclaim the new Ultra Violet as the color of the year, a big revolution is starting in the Italian wedding industry! Since now, violet has always been related to bad luck in Italy...

Luckily, it will never be the same anymore...

From this year, we are all free to use this fabulous color also for Italian weddings.

The time of fantastic violet wedding bouquets and flower decorations has come... Iris, anemone, carnations and violet hydrangea are already requested by many Italian couples.

For a WOW effect, impress everyone matching the Ultra Violet with Acid Lime, yellow

All eyes will be on you with a total Violet bouquet...

Violet Wedding Bouquet Our Italian Fairytale | Silvia La Perla

For a softer and more romantic effect, match it with different lilac tones and blush.

Please, keep in mind to always stay classy... the Ultra Violet is a lively color, therefore proportions are very important: if you choose a light color to match your Ultra Violet, the color of the year doesn't have to prevail. On the contrary, it only needs to give a touch of color. Berries or lavender are perfect for such a great effect.

Wedding Flower Decoration | Our Italian Fairytale | Silvia La Perla

Cinzia Wedding and Event designer has already created fantastic wedding invitations and place cards for some 2018 Italian fashion couples.

Have a look and get inspired...

Violet Wedding Invitation | Our Italian Fairytale | Cinzia Wedding and Event Designer
Violet Wedding Invitation | Our Italian Fairytale | Cinzia Wedding and Event Designer
Place Card | Our Italian Fairytale | Cinzia Wedding and Event Designer

Give a little touch of Ultra Violet to your wedding cake too, as I did together with Our Italian Fairytale staff.

I find gold and Ultra Violet so elegant!

Don't you?

Elegant Vioet Wedding Cake | Our Italian Fairytale | Silvia La Perla

The Ultra violet is perfect for both elegant and country weddings.

Lavender | Our Italian Fairytale

For a memorable moment, I suggest you to throw lavender and lily of the valley flowers instead of colorful confetti or the more common rice... Everyone will love this scented idea!

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Silvia La Perla

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